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Life is Too Short For Regrets.
Peace. Love. Happiness.
  • Parents: What foreign language class are you taking this year?
  • Me: Math.
Yup the new ps4 controller

Yup the new ps4 controller


Time Lapse: 5 days +  6000 Photos = 1 minute Stop Motion… enjoy

Germinating cannabis seeds / Germinando semillas de cannabis 

Cut Track:  Noisia - Diplodocus (Kill The Noise Remix)

Nuff said

Personal Use for Halloween

Personal Use for Halloween

Now tell me that’s not the truth

Now tell me that’s not the truth


more to come down…

I would love to walk in this room everyday…but don’t worry I’m working on it…are you?

What really sells on this world.

  • Friend: You know what sells the most?
  • Potking1: Sex, Drugs & Technology...

2 New Series

Hey everybody I’m coming out with two new series on YouTube. Send your stoner questions to